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Any success in business is largerly attributed to the marketing startegy employed in your business. Database service as a marketing method has acquired a major space in the marketing method, paving way to pursue it as an effective tool to roll out your product.

The potentiality to meet set target in the short-span enabled the database service attain leadership in the current marketing trend. It is contemplated as a bridge that connects vendors and customers, ensuring prospective business.

Deploying accurate and valid data with right set of target list undoubtedly streamlines and increases your visibilty against your competitors.

Tritargets being a leading dataservice provider is offering service in the following segments:

  • B2B Contact list
  • B2C contact list
  • Healthcare contacts
  • Appending solutions
  • Data Validation, Cleaning and Management

B2B Contact list: Our B2B Contact list comprises the list of professionals’ right from Managers to CVD personals from different divisions across industries. As many as 60 million B2B contacts is filtered based on revenue size of the company, Geo locations, Titles and Industry specification etc., Right now we are lending our services to some of the industries such as Automotive, Biotechnology, Education, Energy, oil and Gas, Finance and Banking, Healthcare, IT, Logistics etc.

B2C contact list: We maintain over 50 million consumer contact list, which are mainly segregated according to following specifications: Age, Gender, Income, Geography and Life Style. We are the preferred vendors for Automobile, Education, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality and Real Estate.

Healthcare Contacts: The unique industry with huge data offers challenge in building a quality list. Our healthcare contact list, which included emails and tele-calling contacts is developed after conducting thorough verification. Our Healthcare contact list is most suitable for Recruiters, Healthcare Centers, Insurance Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies and Medical Instrument Companies.

Appending Solution: Missing information in your contact list can act as an hurdle for business prospects. To mitigate the risk we are rendering appending solutions in the various segements such as mail, Name, Phone Number, Title, Company Name and Address. We ensure that we fill in the gaps and deliver complete information as per your requirements.

Data Validation Cleaning Management: An active data gives the best results. Thus, managing it with regular updation is a very essential. As a part of our service we validate data, ensure accuracy of data and take care of data under Annual Maintenance Contract.


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